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Web Design & Development (WDD)
i) Assess and Plan Requirements:

At the onset of a project, we like to gather as much information from the client as possible. We thrive, by keeping one eye on your business goals, and one on your user's experience by creating unique, pristine, standards compliant websites, which are engaging, but with a purpose. The more we can learn about your business and your goals, the easier it will be to assess and plan a website that will meet and often exceed those goals.

ii) Web Wireframe and Design:

Once we have established a sound development plan, we move into the Wireframe and Design Phase of the project. Each page of the site is mocked-up within a Wireframe, and once approved, a design concept in Adobe Photoshop. Each design concept will be posted to our web-based project management tool for you review

iii) Layout and Develop:

Once we have finished with the Wireframe and Design phase of the project, it's time to build! The first step is to layout the website pages in standards-based XHTML and CSS. From there, our talented team of programmers assess any and all functionality necessary for the website and go to work. Most of our websites utilize the following: JavaScript, Ajax, Drupal, Joomla!, .NET, PHP, ASP, Cold fusion, MySQL, and more ...

iv) Test, Launch and Analyze:

Once your website is complete, we will post it to an online test server for you to review and provide any feedback. When all revisions are completed, we will launch the website. Every site we launch is setup with a complimentary Analytics account from ITASTUTE.com. That way we are able to analyze the traffic coming into the site, popular pages and content and can provide dynamic optimization strategies to push your site to the next level.

     Astute has strong hold in a multitude of Internet related technologies including PHP, Drupal, Joomla!, .NET, DNN, ASP,
     MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, CGI, HTML, DHTML, Cold fusion, Java, Scripting, ActiveX, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia
     Director and Microsoft Visual Studio...

     If Security is your priority, you will find comfort with our encryption and e-commerce experts.

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