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Our mission is to deliver high end quality, unique, value-add services and technology solutions that minimize risk and generate long-term quality results consistently for our clients. We attain this by partnering with our clients up front to provide the right services at the right time. To facilities, our management goes well beyond traditional service models in finding innovative and dynamic solutions to the complex business problems, and providing key accelerators to address the unique business needs...

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Cloud Infrastructure and Migration Services
Quality is a cornerstone of software engineering at ASTUTE . . .

proven Cloud Migration methodology provides a framework for the client to analyse their current environment and determine the appropriate migration strategy and/or alternatives for successfully moving their production and pre-production environments to the Cloud.

More and more enterprises are moving applications to the cloud to modernize their current IT asset base or to prepare for future needs. They are taking the plunge, picking up a few mission-critical applications to move to the cloud and quickly realizing that there are other applications that are also a good fit for the cloud. Team Astute's phase-driven step-by-step strategy for migrating environments and applications has all the necessary components to enable majority of enterprise application environments transition to cloud with confidence. It will provision compute power, storage and other resources, gaining access to a suite of cloud infrastructure services as per current demands. With minimal cost and effort, the methodology will be able move client's environments and applications to the cloud reducing capital expenses, minimizing support and administrative costs, while retaining the specific performance, security, regulatory compliance and reliability requirements enterprises has.

The migration strategy details the steps, techniques and methodologies for moving client's existing enterprise environments and applications to the cloud.
The Key Benifits are:
* Environment migration and standardization for current and future deployment (faster time to migrate, higher flexibility & agility, & scalability + elasticity)
* Identify gaps between traditional/legacy architecture and next -generation cloud architecture
* Build confidence with various cloud service offerings, Mitigate risk by validating critical pieces of client’s proposed/future architecture
* Redundancy, Durable Storage, Scalable Storage, Automated Management Backups, and Cloud focused Database Consolidation
* Future-proof scaled-out service-oriented elasticity architecture
* Readiness for the applications deployment in the cloud with dedicated Client Specific Migration Roadmap
* Approved application migration to cloud..Build customer confidence in falling back to existing application
* Flexibility, Elasticity and Agility Automation and improved productivity Automated Disaster Recovery (DR)
* Increased utilization and transformational impact
* Better visibility for enterprise applications through advanced and centralized monitoring along with application Higher Availability(HA)
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