Our Principles

Win-Win Relationships
Our mission is to deliver high end quality, unique, value-add services and technology solutions that minimize risk and generate long-term quality results consistently for our clients. We attain this by partnering with our clients up front to provide the right services at the right time. To facilities, our management goes well beyond traditional service models in finding innovative and dynamic solutions to the complex business problems, and providing key accelerators to address the unique business needs...

                               Your Success is Our Success

We have a dedicated HR team of professionals who are expertise in the areas of Consulting, Contracting, staff augmentation, and some of our clientele base includes....

+ U.S. Census Bureau
+ National Institutes of Health
+ C2 Solutons Group Inc
+ ATEK Inc
+ Citigroup
+ Fannie Mae
+ REI Systems
+ Starband Communications
+ Signalhorn/Satlynx, GMBH
+ Verizon
+ Serco Inc

+ Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
+ Spacenet/SageNet Inc
+ Whirlpool Corporation
+ Discovery Communications
+ Primescape Solutions
+ World Kitchen
+ Reichhold
+ Core180
+ Finaltier Systems
+ HITT Contracting
+ Labour Logix Inc
+ Insignio Consulting, Inc.

Contract Vehicles

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