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Win-Win Relationships
Our mission is to deliver high end quality, unique, value-add services and technology solutions that minimize risk and generate long-term quality results consistently for our clients. We attain this by partnering with our clients up front to provide the right services at the right time. To facilities, our management goes well beyond traditional service models in finding innovative and dynamic solutions to the complex business problems, and providing key accelerators to address the unique business needs...

                               Your Success is Our Success

Employment and Careers at Astute
Quality is a cornerstone of software engineering at ASTUTE.

offers employees the broadest, most comprehensive, and fastest acquisition of business skills that prepares you for future endeavors through earlier responsibility, shorter cases, and a focus on critical decision-making for clients.

At Astute, we endeavor to develop professional skills and enhance performance through every stage of your career. Staff is provided with training in the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the practice of strategy consulting. We reinforce consistent and high standards in the every aspect of our work.

Astute's case team structure has six levels, each with distinct roles. This achieved the most effective blend of research skills, analytical capabilities and industry and consulting experience. Our structure mirrors the shape of our firm, with over half of our staff at the Associate levels, and defines a clear path for advancement.

Open Job Requirements at Astute
      1 - Sr. CISCO Network & LINUX Administrator (Redhat, CentOS, & UBUNTU)
      2 - Sr. CISCO Netowork Engineer
      3 - Mid-Range CISCO Netowork Engineer
      4 - Sr. LINUX Administrator (Redhat, CentOS, & UBUNTU)
      5 - Mid-Range CISCO Netowork Engineer
      6 - SAPUI5, FIORI and JQuery Developer
      7 - SAP Mobile (MBO) Developer
      8 - .NET Developer / Solutions Consultant
      9 - Senior SharePoint Consultant
      10 - .NET/SharePoint Developer / Solution(s) Architect
      11- Senior Change Management Consultant (Contract/Freelance)

Thank you for your interest in Astute.

Please contact us using the following information:

Corporate : info@ITAstute.com
Human Resources : hr@ITAstute.com
Recruitment : jobs@ITAstute.com
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