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ASTUTE is a management and technology services firm, spotlight in delivering consulting services for ERP, COTS, & MOBILE strategies & implementations, IT Services Oriented,  Enterprise Services Oriented Architecture (ESOA), Security, Administration, Web Design & Development, Graphics, Animations, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) disciplines.

Our mission is to deliver high end quality, unique, value-add services and technology solutions that minimize risk and generate long-term quality results consistently for our clients. We attain this by partnering with our clients up front to provide the right services at the right time. To facilities, our management goes well beyond traditional service models in finding innovative and dynamic solutions to the complex business problems, and providing key accelerators to address the unique business needs.

We strive to provide our clients with outstanding service to meet the demands and deliver the quality results consistently.

Reduced cost of developing IT infrastructure
Less management attention required for management of IT projects.

Implementation of 24 hour workdays due to the near 12 hour time differential ... more

Quality is a cornerstone of software engineering at Astute

The development of projects could be undertaken at our local development center nearest to the client location

ASTUTE Solution.
Follow a scientific developmental methodology based on the SDLC approach with fixed deliverables at each stage ... more


 The Power of Being Agile

Talented ASTUTE individuals with Strong Implementation experience in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP New Dimension Products, NetWeaver implementations, BASIS, OS/DB migrations, upgrades, capacity planning, evaluation of hardware and software, design of high-available systems, design of disaster recovery, and remote fail-over solutions ... more


Astute's web design company is built of talented artists and developers, who want to make a difference in the world market ...more

We fuse our proven SEO organic search engine optimization process with your unique business objectives in creating a truly customized and results-oriented program ...more

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